Skunk RemovalSkunk, the white black featured mammal blessed with an odor which one can’t stand. What if you find this unwanted mammal called skunk in your house, yard or attic, spoiling your premises by digging holes, dropping feces, urinating and carrying various diseases? At 911 Wildlife, we understand your situation and offer you quick and easy solution to all your wildlife creature problems in all parts of Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph and Cambridge

We have a team of skilled technicians who have years of experience in wildlife management services. We have got our hands on both chemical and environmental-friendly solutions. Upon removal of the animal, we will perform the necessary repair and cleaning job. You can trust us for anything related to wildlife.

What Damage can Skunk cause?

1) Skunks are known to dig large holes in the lawn and gardens which makes your lawn look shabby.

2) Although omnivorous in nature, skunks eat plants also, thus posing a great threat to your plants. They even damage the crops making all your efforts come down to zero.

3) Remember, if skunks have known your secret entry point, so can other animals which might bring in more trouble.

4)They can steal your food especially eggs and any kind of meat putting your hygiene at great risk.

Associated Health Risks:-

1)Skunks are great carriers of the rabies disease which they can transfer to you and your family, putting lives at risk.

2)Skunks can transfer canine hepatitis which is very dangerous and affects liver, kidneys and lungs.

3)They can cause leptospirosis, a bacterial infection which is hard to get rid of.

4)Skunk droppings have great infectious qualities.

Need A Helping Hand ?

We, at 911 Wildlife, deal with wildlife issues on a regular basis and have successfully dealt with skunk removal problems in the past. Our team of professionals, have years of experience in skunk removal through various fast and efficient techniques. They will block any possible entry to your territory to capture the animal safely and relocate it miles away from your property.

Why Choose Us ?

We not only believe in removing the skunk from your territory, but feel the responsibility to place these unwanted creatures in a place which is safe for them. We will clean the mess that the skunk might have created and ensure germ free environment for you and your family. We believe in fair practices and don’t overcharge you for anything.

Stop Worrying! When you hire us, we take all your concerns and solve it at the earliest, we are just a call away!