Mice RemovalThere would probably not be a single house across the world which never had rat or mice infestation. Yes, it’s that common problem for everyone. In most of the cases they just come and go, but what if it is not wanting to leave at all? What if it is disturbing you like hell, eating all your stuff, creating havoc despite repeated attempts by you to catch them. Don’ worry, at 911 Wildlife, we have got the hardest of rats/mice to bend their knees against our skilled and trained professionals.

We are equipped with the right tools and products to deliver effective and durable results. We will eradicate rats or mice from your property in less time. Our professionals are adept to deal with any kind of nuisance pests.

How Rats & Mice destroy your belongings ?

1) They have this chewing habit by which they can damage your clothes, bedsheets etc.

2) They chew up the cables, wires making your appliances stop working, thus delaying your work.

3) They can contaminate your food and snacks, putting you at risk of eating that contaminated food, affecting your health.

4) They introduce other harmful pests also like fleas and mites, making situations even worse.

Are Rats & Mice Harmful ?

1) They can bite you and leave you with bite fever which can be very harmful for your health.

2) Their droppings can lead to various health problems for you and their smell can attract even more rats.

3) They can affect you with cryptosporidosis, a parasitic disease which can make you ill.

4) Eosinophilic Meningitis, an infection of the brain is spread by these creatures.

Why call our professionals?

There is a famous saying which states that every task in this world is best done by its expert and we at 911 Wildlife are an expert in getting these pests out of your home. Our team inspects each and every possible opening from where they might be coming, thus ensuring no more welcome entries for them. After that our unique and organized traps will get hold of them in no time.

Tried Everything ? Now Try us !

911 Wildlife takes pride in being one of the best pest control company in Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Cambridge and Brantford. Over years, we have been dealing with these problems in a very efficient and skillful manner. We strive to curb rats or mice permanently out of your home and premises.

Don’t waste your precious time, let us do it for you, just give a call !