Opossum Removal911 Wildlife provides both chemical and non-chemical opossum removal services in Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Cambridge. Opossums have a big rat like appearance, but they belong to kangaroo family. They are so powerful that they can rip apart the ducts of your home and also spread various infectious parasites. Due to their appearance, they often scare kids and pets.

If your home or business has been invaded by an opossum or opossum family, just make us a call. Our professionals are equipped with the right tools and products to deliver effective and professional solution. We have been offering affordable wildlife animal management services for the past many years now. When you call us, you can expect high quality solutions, unparalleled customer service and competitive pricing. We are committed to keeping your place wildlife animal free for years to come.

Damage Caused by Opossums

  • They are powerful enough to tear through air ducts
  • They leave hazardous poop wherever they go
  • They can rip apart your pipes and wires

Health Alarms from Opossums

  • Since the body temperature of opossums is unusually low, they can harbor common zoonosis disease carrying microbes.
  • Opossums carry a large number of fleas on their body and can spread them in your home. This is also a reason why they die soon.
  • The droppings of opossum contain various germs and they can poop a large amount within a few minutes.
  • According to the medical researchers, opossums are one of the wildlife animals that spread large amount of infections such as plague, salmonella, leptospirosis etc.

How we tackle them:

At 911 Wildlife, we have effective and reliable solutions to deal with opossums:

  • First of all, our professionals will inspect your property to determine the potential entry points. They generally gain entry through small holes or vents.
  • Their urine or droppings also help us locate them and implement the right course of action for successful removal of the animal.
  • We have the best-in-class products that can remove the opossums in a humane manner without causing any harm to them.
  • Apart from removing the wildlife animal, our professionals will also perform minor repairs.
  • Last, but not the least, our professionals will sanitize the entire area to prevent the chances of any kind of infectious diseases.

When you choose 911 Wildlife, you choose a leading wildlife removal service that is committed to delivering reliable and effective solutions every time you call us. We are here to keep your unwanted guests at bay. All our professionals are highly trained, licensed and insured to perform any kind of wildlife management services. We are here to provide you peace of mind with our quality customer service.

Don’t let opossum wreak havoc on your property, call our professionals today!