Bird RemovalAt 911 Wildlife, we provide humane and reliable bird removal services. Our professionals know that birds are one of the essential parts of our ecosystem. However, they stay calm and prefer to nest on trees. But, due to massive industrialization and urbanization, they are now heading towards the residential and commercial establishments.

If your home or business has been invaded by birds, don’t panic, just make us a call. Our professionals are dedicated to preventing the birds in a timely and effective manner. We ensure that the birds don’t come back to your premises again. Trust us, we won’t let them create a nuisance for you and your family.

Why Birds are a Concern?

Birds can wreak havoc on your property, especially pigeons. They leave large amount of feathers and poop. They also carry a variety of parasites that can pose a serious health risk to both humans and pets. Some birds like woodpecker can even damage the wooden households and cost you hundreds of dollars.

Health Alarms from Birds

  1. Bird droppings are rich in nitrogen that support fungal to thrive on them. This can make your home look shabby and help small vegetation to flourish.

  1. Moreover, the fungal spores can also cause human lung ailments like Histoplasmosis if inhaled. It is advisable to prevent the droppings from your home as soon as possible.
  1. Birds are also the carriers of various parasites such as fleas, mites etc. These parasites can spread some serious health ailments including Salmonellosis and Leptospirosis etc.
  1. Some of the birds such as Woodpecker or Canada Geese are destructive and dangerous. They may attack and injure you if you try to prevent or capture them.

Why Choose 911 Wildlife?

At 911 Wildlife, our professionals stay abreast with the latest products and techniques in order to deliver top-notch solutions. We know how to effectively trap and relocate the birds to ensure the safety of your home or business. Our professionals are well-versed with the nature and habits of different types of birds. This also helps them tailor the solution according to the bird species and your requirements.

We will shoo away the birds effectively and employ the following procedures to tackle with these unwanted guests.

  1. Our professionals will identify the potential entry points of the birds.
  2. Next, we will remove the nest and clean the entire area with a disinfectant.
  3. We will then install effective bird control products so that they cannot live or roost at your premises.
  4. We have a variety of methods such as bird barriers, netting, shock track etc. to deliver the right solutions at the right time.

We, at 911 Wildlife, are committed to keeping your home pest and wildlife free. Feel free to call us for any sort of animal or pest removal services.

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